A man with a flute, a simple dream and nothing left to lose sets foot into an adventure of intrigue. Only the rats know his true motivation…

The Pied Piper of Götschka (original name: Der Rattenfänger von Götschka) is a thrilling video game created for the Hagenberg Game Jam 2022. The title is based on a German legend called The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Replacing the Saxon town with Götschka is a geographic joke, which is basically impossible to explain, but you can trust me, it’s hilarious.

The whole thing was created in 36 hours Actually in quite a bit less. We are a tired bunch and one team mate actually attended a wedding amidst the jam. He’s an absolute mad lad.

Keeping it short: You are the king trying to prevent the princess – your daughter – from getting married. To achieve this you take the obvious measures: You climb into the sewage system and enchant rats with your horrendous flute playing, agitating them against potential sons-in-law.

To learn more about thrilling plot, you can watch the intro below. If you’re already hooked, you can play the game for free here.